Who We Are

TerraLogic is an environmental consulting firm with expertise in sustainability and risk management in the infrastructure and transportation fields. 

We provide a wide range of sustainability-based consulting services to infrastructure-based clients to support their programs and projects

We support the transportation industry, municipalities and private sectors with a range of sustainability-based services which include infrastructure vulnerability and climate change risk management, sustainability-based program and project development, alternative energy impact studies, and stormwater and water quality management. We are known nationally and internationally for our ability to integrate sustainability principles and concepts into infrastructure programs and projects such as in our work for the World Bank in Latin America and USAID in Liberia. 

As a small environmental engineering consulting firm, we excel when teamed with a larger firm to lead or support a project or as a prime contractor where we can take the lead in applying our expertise to solve environmental problems. We are broad based; we provide environmental management services to all facets of the infrastructure development process involving planning, design, construction and operation and maintenance. 

TerraLogic’s Principal Owner, Art Hirsch, is a respected national authority on these very topics and will help bring our nation’s infrastructure to higher level. He has over 30 years experience in the environmental consulting field and over 15 years as a transportation environmental consultant.

TerraLogic Sustainable Solutions

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Why TerraLogic Sustainable Solutions?

TerraLogic can provide the expertise, professionalism, experience and dependability you need to get the job and maintain your project’s budget and schedule. We will reduce your short and long term environmental/climate change risks and liabilities that will save valuable financial resources. We will make it easier for your projects to be accepted by the community, municipalities and regulatory agencies. We provide personalized customer service to our clients; our clients find it fun and enjoyable to work with us. 

Our main goal at TerraLogic is to make our client’s life easier which allows them to concentrate on other important program or project issues. 

Check out some of our past and current projects and our services. We urge you to review our blogs that are specific to infrastructure and transportation development and operations. 

Please call us and tell us about your transportation industry sustainability projects and requirements. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Issues Facing Sustainable Transportation

Assessment of CDOT Revegetation Practices for Highway Construction Sites

Art Hirsch - Monday, May 18, 2015

The revegetation of previously disturbed areas from highway construction activities is a critical component to overall site stormwater management strategy. Poor revegetation actions during and after construction can lead to difficulty in deactivating stormwater construction permits (SCPs). Excessive duration of open permits due to poor revegetation success can result in higher non-project costs for erosion control, revegetation rework and maintenance, and regulatory compliance monitoring and documentation. Open SCPs can increase the potential for regulatory inspections and fines. Unexpected rework and liability costs can be experienced by CDOT maintenance who is responsible for SCP compliance. Read More

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