Why TerraLogic Sustainable Solutions?

Boulder, CO based TerraLogic provides the expertise, professionalism, experience, and dependability to support your projects and programs' unique challenges in the following area:

We work to reduce your short and long term environmental and climate change risks and liabilities that saves valuable financial resources. We make it easier for your projects to be accepted by the community, municipalities and regulatory agencies. We provide personalized customer service to our clients, and in return, our clients find it fun and enjoyable to work with us. Our main goal at TerraLogic is to make our client’s life easier when it comes to sustainable construction, which allows them to concentrate on other important program or project issues.

Make sure to check out some of our past and current projects and our services. We encourage you to review our blogs that are specific to sustainable construction, stormwater management training, sustainable infrastructure, and transportation development and operations. Please call us and tell us about your transportation industry sustainability projects and requirements. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction focuses on the use of resources with minimal impact to the environment.

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Drone Inspection Services

Drones are a new and cost effective technology with huge benefits to DOTs, municipalities and private landowners.

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Stormwater Management Training

We specialize in the development of stormwater management programs to protect local waters.

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Climate Change Risk Management

Regardless of the cause, climate is changing and will be a critical factor affecting infrastructure system operation.

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